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My name is Alun, and I am the author of these articles, and this page is a brief introduction to my writing. Writing is not something I've ever done as a career - at least until recently. In fact until 2016, I was a radiographer, working in cancer radiotherapy at a hospital in Southeast England. In a way it was difficult to give up that career. It was a very worthwhile and rewarding career, and of course on a personal basis, leaving it meant the loss of a secure income, and it meant parting company with many colleagues and friends whom I'd known for many years. But that part of my life is now in the past.


There was one big plus point to giving up the full time job, and that is that now I am free to do whatever I please - and believe me - there is plenty that I am pleased to do!  I am a person with many interests in the sciences and in nature, in history and in current affairs. I travel extensively, and I indulge when I can in my hobbies which include photography, and collecting in my home all manner of things from cacti to fossils to model aeroplanes. But most of all, writing is now my hobby. I tentatively started writing on the Internet early in 2011, but for all of my first seven years I only wrote on a 'content creation site' called HubPages - a place where the author composes the words and supplies any necessary images, but the design and layout is restricted to just a few simple templates. To date, I've published 161 articles on that site. It's a very easy place to publish and HubPages also offers a social community of fellow members who give much needed support and encouragement to new writers like me who may be lacking in self-confidence. It therefore served as a useful and relatively stress-free launch pad for my writing. However, the limitations in design meant that after seven years, I did feel it was time for me to try to move on and try to expand my writing horizons. Hence the creation of this, my first personal website. Three more websites have since been published, which can be found linked to on another page here. (See 'My Other Sites').



My writing at HubPages mostly revolves around all those aforementioned hobbies and interests. There's also a few film reviews, and many travel reviews. Most of my work is factually based. Every so often however, something happens which strikes an emotional chord and tugs at the heartstrings. And when that happens, the creative juices are stirred, and it has led to me trying my hand at a few pieces of creative writing; that is what is featured on this website. But whether or not the stirring of all those juices has generated a cocktail of quality, or merely a soggy mush fit for the bin - I leave for you to judge! Also included on this site are a few literature reviews - my opinions on other writers' work. Whatever you look at, I hope there's something buried in these pages which you like. 🙂

Most of my online writing can currently be found at the HubPages Website under the username 'Greensleeves Hubs'

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